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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3520
Hernan Humana

Profile Test 1B NAME Mr Harry Dole SIN 499499499 was born on August 28 1956 He has spent most of his working life as an accountant and a teacherHe and his family live at 1166 West Pender Street Vancouver BCV6E 3H8 Mr Doles spouse Terry SIN 527000129 was born on June 6 1958 and was a professional lawyer prior to her marriage to Mr Dole She works part time and she earned 5200 of business income for her work during the year She has no expenses related to her income They have three childrenEach child was born on January 1 of the following years Alison 1978 Lincoln 1981 and Angus 1986Angus SIN 527000285 has income of 2800 and started full time attendance at university in September of 2007His first semester tuition fee is 4000 and he requires books with a total cost of 375 He attended school for 4 months full time The amounts are paid by Mr Dole Lincoln SIN 527002554 is also in full time attendance at Community College for all of 2007 for 8 months full timeHis tuitio
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