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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3701
Niru Nirupama

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How would you balance the selection of hazard mitigation projects and policies based on the findings of the risk assessment with the level of local capability to implement them? Which hazard techniques do you believe are the most effective? Why? The selection of hazard mitigation projects and policies should be balances with the level local capability such that the affects are optimized. Factors that determine local capability include technical, fiscal, administrative, legal and political will.All of these factors would have to be analyzed to verify the level of local capability. I would then match the local capability with the best hazard mitigation projects and policies that optimize the results. I would keep sustainability in mind, which needs to encompass social, environmental and economic systems. Ensuring that hazard mitigation is sustainable is crucial because that will allow for better results that are long lasting. I would also need to consider a cost benefit analysis of the hazard mitigation projects and/or policy that does take the local capability into consideration before the final selection. The goal is to select the hazard mitigation project/policy that allows for the greatest effect that is within the level of local capability. I believe that all hazard techniques are crucial and important. However, there are some that stand out and can be more effective when looking at the overall picture. In my opinion, prevention is the most important hazard technique.As said in the textbook, prevention consists of, “planning, zoning, floodplain, and subdivisi
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