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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3701
Niru Nirupama

How do you propose to encourage changes in existing land-use patterns relative to hazards? It is stated that one of the greatest issues with existing hazard mitigation plans is their failure to prevent development in areas prone to hazard. This is highly due to the fact that the Disaster MitigationAct passage in relation to this is outdated. Educating people on this is extremely important when it coms to hazard mitigation; especially if we want to learn from past mistakes. It is also necessary to reduce or eliminate counterproductive polices. First and foremost is to do the proper research and analysis of the area to get a full grasp of the hazard. It is important to include the community in this research as they can provide a lot of information on the history of the land, their vulnerabilities and capabilities. Including the community also gives them a sense of inclusion, partnership and ownership. The next step would be to forecast, make inferences and overall conclusions of the analysis. One of the most important initiatives would be to educate and involve all local, state and federal officials and stakeh
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