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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3703
Abraham Binder

Which policies do you think are most effective, those based on incentives or penalties? Policies are set in place to help communities. So it is important for people to understand that they need to follow them in order to benefit completely. However, it is of no surprise that many individuals do not follow the policies unless there is a valuable incentive or there is a penalty involved. Which is more effective is like the debate on whether a leader who is loved is more effective or a leader who is feared. Now history tells us that leaders who are feared are more effective with examples like Hitler, Stalin and even Saddam Hussein. However, leaders like Gandi, Martin Luther King andAbraham Lincoln used love and words of inspiration to not only be effective, but also maintained sustainability, loyalty and compassion. This takes me back to my point. Policies that are based on penalties are very effective because people fear the consequences. However, they will do the bare minimal only to ensure that they are not fined or penalized. On the other hand, polices that have incentives ensure that people are following them out of absolute free will and choice. Due to this, people are more likely to go above and beyond and follow the instructions more consistently.Also, when people feel they have to do something, there is an increased sense of rebel and this is where people look for loopholes to avoid the policy and the associated penalty. When policies are forced and h
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