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1 Define international marketingInternational marketing can be defined as marketing carried on across national boundaries It is different from domestic marketing in as much as the exchange takes place beyond the frontiers thereby involving different markets and consumers who might have different needs wants and behavioural attributes2 What are controllable and uncontrollable factors in international marketingControl will have to be defined with reference to a companys management The Company is in a position to control and design marketing mix element namely product price place and promotionBut the total environment in which the marketing mix elements will operate is beyond the control of the company Median has identified 13 uncontrollable factors which can be classified under the following heads anthropological economic competitive risk and distance factors3 What is the scope of international marketingThrough international marketing is in essence export marketing it has a broader connotation in marketing literature It also means entry into international markets bya Opening a branchsubsidiary abroad for processing packaging assembly or even complete manufacturing through direct investmentb Negotiating licensingfranchising arrangements whereby foreign enterprises are granted the right to use the exporting companys knowhow viz patents processes or trademarks with or without financial investmentc Establishing joint ventures in foreign countries for manufacturing andor marketing andd Offering consultancy services and undertaking turnkey projects abroadDepending upon the degree of a firm s involvement there may be several variations of these arrangements4 Point out the similarities between domestic marketing and international marketing
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