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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3960
Leigh Lampert

Chapter 5 GlobalizationSociety3 Levels of Moral Development1 Preconventionalknow what is right and wrong but dont know why2 Conventionallearnt roleconformity from peerssocietal laws3 Postconventionalinternalize moral behaviour truly believe behaviour is rightEthical behaviour can help in achieving 2 possible objectives1Develop Competitive Advantages it foster trust encourages commitment contributes to strategicfinancial success2Avoid being perceived as Irresponsible more nongovernmental organizations NGOs are becoming active in monitoringpublicizing international corporate practices eg ranking companies in different industry sectors according to their wastes management2 believes about Ethical BehaviourRelativismethical truths depend on the groups holding themyou adapt to local customs out of respect for themNormativismthere are universal standards of behaviour that all cultures should followEthical Dilemmasbalance between the actions we takethe consequences of our actionsLegal Justifications Limitations on Ethical Behaviour1 Not everything that is unethical is illegal2Law is slow to develop as it takes time to pass lawstest them in courts3We can only consider the moral concepts that are legal4Law cannot be established easily as each law is based on precedent once law has been established it affects all future judgements5Law isnt very efficient as it would be impossible to solve every ethical behavioural problem with an applicable lawLegal Justifications Advantages on Ethical Behaviour1It is an adequate guide for proper conducts as it embodies many countries moral principle2It establishes a good precedent for acceptable behavioureasy for people to follow since it provides a clearly defined set of rules3Law can be enforced to everyone4It represents a consensus derived from widely shared experiencedeliberation Law vary from country to country which creates a problem for Extraterritoriality imposing domestic legalethical practises on foreign subsidiaries of companies headquartered in their jurisdictionsConsequences of CorruptionAffects both company performancecountry economies as it would lower national growth rateslower levels of per capita incomeErode the authority of governments that condone itgovernment officialsbusiness executives were imprisoned finedforced to resign due to corruptionDamage the reputations of companieswhole countriesIs Expensive Inflating a companys costsbloating its price
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