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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3960
Leigh Lampert

Practice Questions for Intellectual Property Consumer Protection Competition and Environmental Protection LawQUESTION 1 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYaA writes a book and gives it to B his friend to readB like the book so much that he takes it to a publisher telling the publisher it is his book and the publisher publishes itAdvise A of his rightsbsame situation as a but this time A has copyrighted the book under the proper statute Advise A of his rightscHHC has established its name in the community and is known for selling quality shoesAnother company decides to sell shoes of similar quality under the name HHC Advise HHC of its rightsWould your answer be different if HHC had registered its name under the appropriate statutedA has invented a new type of light bulb and now wants to protect his inventionHow will he do it and what is the length of protectionWhat if A worked for X Company and invented the light bulb as part of his employmentAssume there is no contract that deals with inventionsQUESTION 2 CONSUMER PROTECTION AND COMPETITION LAWAnswer the following questions1 A is employed by a large camera company to make door to door salesToday A has sold a camera to B an elderly lady after she let A into her houseAfter A leaves B dec
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