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Final Exam Review

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 4504

FINALFundamental analysis shortmedlarge range determine price changes in securitys Quantitative analysis interest rates econ variables stock valuation Technical analysis patternscharts of past stock price predict future prices stock mkt Random walk theory stock info disseminated price changes no relation previous prices Rational expectations hypoth ppl rationalmake intelligent decisionsecurity equal riskhighest risk security wsame ratelower risk Efficient mkt hypoth security mkt price is difficult to outperform mktLife cycle industry1Emerging growth neg cash private owned high risk of failure 2Growth high sales competition increases retain earnings 3Mature slower growth profit declines earnings remain customer loyalty 4Declining new productstechnology min growth good cash flowRatio analysis relationship btw 2 numbers Liquidity ratio company ability to meet short term Risk ratio deals wdebt obligations Current ratio liquidity short term current assetscash acc receivableliability Quick ratio acid test test liquidity current assetsinventoryliability DebtEquity ratio debt large reduces debt holder protectionincrease risk Dividend Yield investorreturn on investment Price Earnings ratio inve
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