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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 4910
Kelly Thomson

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4910 exam- perspective—3 One book, tel 2114, can bring your usb … Write in word on the computer and copy it into moodle… Two questions… Look at all your readings and other peoples executive summaries… Don’t use just hbrs in your exam Start by picking a relevant framework- don’t glue on one of the frameworks to explain what happen Look at the case, see one of the issues- use the framework to explain and explain what happening in the case… don’t say their bad in innovation because… but u says what are the framwor that help explain the problem… eg.. say bardern says your prone to adopt innovation if…. This and that that’s why they did not work out… bardern talks about the things that inhibit innovation… How might he understand the innovation issue better if his reading bardern--- another way of doing the Briefly explain what the ey arguments are.. and briefly may a link to the importance in the case What are the arguments and concepts does bardern uses and how does that fit in to the case Is it consistent/inconsistent with what the writer says… can they do it again and can they be successful… So.. @ the beg think about which issues and framework speak to you in the case-- Explain briefly ky arguments in the case….. Then link it to the case.. Then concept concepts to the case---- you can quote for the case to show that the case applies or doesn’t applie.. You can findthat the case condraticts your article… as a final thought eg theemployee resistancte from frinlsten was irerelevant… the organization intergration was very useful coz it applies etc… After these two points… Think about implications for acctions…. Explain a boundry spanner is in real life not in an academic world… so just explain what your points mean in real life Arecomendation from each of the perspective- the action that logically flows from the anaylsis Have an introduction- your main issues and your 3 perspective… Then have a conculsuoion on the 3 perspeectives and what you you got out from it…. Try tostay open to a lot of possibilities as you read your article.. and try to connect to the articles and c where that goes.. don’t formulate in your mind whats good or bad. In other word stay open mndded as you read your case Answer one or more of the following questions to earn part of your participation grade. Only one question can be answered in each posting. Click on "New" to post your answer. Do not select "Reply" to a previous posting. You need to answer 3 questions in total throughout the entire term. Please do not exceed that number. Answers will be assessed according to their full coverage of the question, introduction of new content and the correct application of theoretical course content from the lectures and readings. You may post only until 12 Noon on April 5th. This is the last set of questions for this term. 1. Superior Solutions (Download from the link in the Course Kit): Acting as Susan, write the email to Don in advance of the Monday meeting. Provide a rationale for each point you are making in the email. 2. Superior Solutions: Assuming that in the following week Don agrees to step back and allows you to properly fulfill your role as General Manager, what would be the leadership style that would best for you to follow? Also deal with the dynamic aspects of the change in leadership you would encounter as you begin to interact with the two managers and the employees. 3. Refer to the Metropolitan General Insurance Case from the Decision Tree in Unit 5 (not the decision
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