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ADMS 2200 final exam review important terms, includes all the chapters with visual prestations to clear your understanding.If the terms are well understood and applied in the final, student will be good to go.

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2200
Richard Patterson
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Customer Analysis
Geographic Segmentation
oSee the Excel chart
oCanada’s population is 31.6 millions
oThe biggest province is Ontario (12.6 millions), followed by Quebec (7.6 millions),
British Columbia (4.3 millions), and Alberta (3.3millions)
Demographic Segmentation
Segmenting by Gender
oMale and Female ratio (1:1) are almost the same in every age group (Excel Chart)
Segmenting by Age
oThere are three age groups, and the people age from 14 to 64 accounts for 70% of
the whole population (Excel chart)
1. Students
oAge 18-29, split between male and female
oValue creativeness and like technology
oStay in residence or off-campus houses or with their parents
oWork part-time, 50% are employed during the academic year1
oUse public transportation
oLike convenient food and dine out
oHave over $6,000 of annual income
oPurchase food, clothes, technology products, and entertainment2
oShopping is the number one hobby3
oAnti-brand, believe in good quality, like to be paid attention to4
oFriends are important to them, products have short life cycles, and diversity is
oWith higher education, they will have higher incomes after entering the workforce;
hence, increase the purchase power
1, November 13, 2006
2 “Red Light Web,” Marketing, September 9, 2002, p. 26.
3 Eve Lazarus, “Caboodles Rules,” Marketing, January 20, 2003, p. 9.
4 Beckey Ebenkamp, “Youth Shall Be Served,” Brandweek, June 24, 2002, p.21.

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oOn average, 13 percent of students reported at least sometimes going to bed hungry
because of lack of food at home5
5, November 13, 2006
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