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Published on 3 Jun 2014
2511 Practice Final Examination – Effective March 12, 2014 – Page 1
Question Marks Time Allocation
1 26 94
2 24 86
Totals 50 180 minutes (3 hours) 3.6 minutes per mark
Question 1 (26 marks – 94 minutes)
Braxford Management Inc. (BMI), located in Bradford, Ontario, manages residential and
commercial buildings such as apartment towers, office complexes and condominium
corporations. The company manages over 5,000 properties across Canada. It employs 400
people who handle accounting, property maintenance and other functions. In addition to
having these employees, BMI outsources work to companies that are local to the
properties that it manages.
One of BMI’s subsidiary companies, BAS (Braxford Accounting Services Inc.)
sells property management accounting software, and also provides accounting services.
BMI has grown by having an active sales force and by acquiring other property
management companies. This meant that, over time, BMI acquired numerous different
accounting systems. To provide for effective reporting, middleware was developed that
translated key files (accounting information and detailed sales data, for example) into a
data warehouse for data analysis and management.
A, You work as a manager for Condominium Corporation No. 123. Your
condominium building has about 300 units. Your employer would like your
assistance in deciding whether to purchase BAS’s property management
accounting software.
Describe three (3) criteria that you would use to assess whether your employer should
purchase this software. (3 marks, 11 minutes)
B. For each of the following data analysis techniques, describe the technique and
provide an example of how BMI could use it. (4 marks, 14 minutes)
Describe the technique (1/2 mark each) Provide an example of how BMI could use
it (1/2 mark each)
Sensitivity analysis
What-if analysis
Goal-seeking analysis
Digital dashboards
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