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23 Apr 2012

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Computer Technology:
How computers work
Components of a Computer System
Categories of Computers
Input Technology: The Keyboard, Touch Screens, the Mouse and Other Point-a n d -Click Devices
Data Representation: Bits and Bytes
The System Unit, The Power Supply, Storage Bays, The Motherboard: CPU
RAM, ROM, Flash Memory
Expansion Slots and Expansion Cards
Ports and Buses
Types of Output, Output Devices and Media
Flat Panel Displays
Monitor Performance and Quality Factors
Printers: Laser Printers
Storage Devices and Media
Magnetic Storage Devices and Media
Hard Disks and Hard Drives
USB Flash Drives
Optical Storage Devices: CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-ROMs, BLU-RAY
The function of System Software and Operation System
Monitoring System Performance
Pe rsona l Com puter Operating Systems: Windows and Linux
Server Operating Systems: Windows on page 179
Utility Programs
Types of Application Software
Communications Software: Email, Web browsers, Search Engines, Instant Messaging
The Evolution of Networking
Communications Media: Wired and Wireless
Network Classifications by Architecture and Coverage
Network Topologies: All
Network Hardware: All
Searching for Information on the Internet on page 135
Security Strategies for Protecting Computer Systems and Data
Ethics and Technology
Pr ivac y Pro tec tion Iss ues
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