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Hrm- manage human talents to achieve organization objectives (staffing, job design, train, reward, performance) core competencies: motivate valuable workers, rare (hire the best), difficult to imitate, organized. Competitive challenges: globalization- partnering w/firms in foreign country for international trade. Globalization affects hrm- consider different geographic, cultures, laws, business practices. Identifying capable managers/workers, developing foreign culture/training programs, adjusting compensation plans. Negative: globalization taken manufacturing jobs away to lower wage countries like china: technology- training through technology for decision-making/problem solving, working from home/cell phones. Hr information system (hris)- control & decision making (stores large quantities of data lower cost & increase: managing change. Steve jobs stepped in & saved apple from crisis) Total quality mgmt (tqm)- customer needs, doing things right & continuous improvements. Six sigma- customer needs to task performed w/one another (find mistake before it happens) Reengineering- rethink, redesign business processes to improve cost, quality, speed: cost affect hr policies- labour/healthcare cost (largest expenditure of company)

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