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Ontario pay equity act: determine what rules apply (jurisdiction; 10 employees; 10 99; 100+, identify female and male job classes, establish a body to conduct pay equity, select a gender neutral job comparison system, collect job information, compare jobs (job to job; proportional value; proxy comparison, check for permissible differences (formal seniority systems; temp training or developmental assignment; merit; temporary skills shortage, etc. , adjust compensation (at least 1% of previous year payroll, communicate the results, maintain pay equity. Behavioral perspective: compensation is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of management in encouraging desirable behaviors, it is not the only tool; you are in bigger trouble than you think if you adopt a compensation only approach to management, there is not one best compensation system, even systems that have worked well in the past require constant change and adaptation. Advantages: flexible, encourage job behaviours, signal relative importance of jobs, demonstrates a commitment, support a particular managerial strategy, simplistic.

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