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Profile Test #1B
Mr. Harry Dole (SIN 499-499-499) was born on August 28, 1956. He has spent most of
his working life as an accountant and a teacher. He and his family live at 1166 West
Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3H8
Mr. Dole’s spouse, Terry, (SIN 527-000-129) was born on June 6, 1958 and was a
professional lawyer prior to her marriage to Mr. Dole. She works part time and she
earned $5,200 of business income for her work during the year. She has no expenses
related to her income.
They have three children. Each child was born on January 1 of the following years,
Alison; 1978, Lincoln; 1981, and Angus; 1986.
Angus (SIN 527-000-285) has income of $2,800, and started full time attendance at
university in September of 2007. His first semester tuition fee is $4,000 and he requires
books with a total cost of $375. He attended school for 4 months full time. The amounts
are paid by Mr. Dole.
Lincoln (SIN 527-002-554) is also in full time attendance at Community College for all
of 2007 for 8 months full time. His tuition is $5,600 and he requires textbooks which
cost $750. The amounts are also paid by Mr. Dole. Lincoln has no income during the
year. Any unused credits of either child are available to be transferred to their father.
Mr. Dole’s mother, Eunice was born on April 10, 1926 .She lives with Mr. Dole and his
wife. His mother is disabled and she is confined to bed most of the time. Eunice Dole
had income of $7,500 for the year.
Other information concerning Mr. Dole and his family for 2007 is as follows:
1. Mr. Dole earned $116,500 for work as the teacher at a local university. His T4
showed that his employer withheld $34,200 for income taxes and $819.00 for EI
and 1,801.00 for CPP. He also contributed 5,000 to his Registered Retirement
2. During the year, Mr. Dole made $2,000 in donations to Planned Parenthood Of
Canada, a registered Canadian charity.
3. Mr. Dole has some employment expenses which he was not reimbursed for. He
has a T2200 form from his employer. These are:
Computer supplies $1,233
Laptop Computer purchased $1,980
Office supplies $1,100
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