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IntroductionJanuary0412653 PMwwwabebookscomReferencing Jones 2011 123Read some anthropology book reviews Anthropology Page 1 Lecture 1 4 Subfields of AnthropologyJanuary0412715 PMology study ofFour subfields of anthropologyBiologicalphysical1Human evolution ipaleoanthropology1Human variation iiGenetics1Primatologists iiiArchaeology study human beings through cultural human remains what past populations have 2left behindFaunal and floral remains can help to determine dietary restrictions and domesticationiHistoricaliiWorks hand in hand with historical records1MarineiiiShipwreck1Linguistic3It is through language that culture is transmittediHistoricaliiHow languages change and diverge over time ex Newfoundland dialects influenced 1by British IslesStructuraliiiHow languages are structured and use ex Grammar syntax vocabulary 1SociolinguisticsivHow people use languages in differentsocial contexts1Sociocultural anthropology4Rests upon the assumption in contrast to other species humans do not operate by iinstincts Humans create variety in social contexts Ex Different kinds of religions and culturesEx Fraternal polyandryiiEthnography field workThe practice of doing cultural anthropological research One does ethnographic researchThe term for a case study for a culture Ethno ethnicitygraphy field workAs a result of research anthropologists try to come up with predictable statementsHunting societies Inuit have similar types of religions These types of religions are called animistic religionsBased on the belief that everything in nature has a soulspiritual forceEthnology is the comparative part of sociocultural anthropologyEvery society in the world has some for of religionmarriagepolitical organization Anthropology Page 2
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