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ANTH 1120
Anthony Anthony

While conducting the surveys, I came across many answers. Majority had similar answers, while some were different. For the first question, which was “Should men take care of their wife when they are ill and require a long rest in bed in order to get better”, everyone that conducted the survey responded with the answer yes. This to me was expected because it is a straightforward question. For question two and three, 2 people answered with not sure and yes, another 2 answered not sure and no, another 2 answered no and no, while other singular surveys were answered with yes & no, not sure & not sure and lastly no & yes. From questions four-nine, 5 people answered yes, while 3 people gave not sure & yes to question four & five. Those same 3 people also gave the answer yes to questions six-nine. The remaining 2 people answered not sure throughout the whole survey. For question ten and eleven, 4 people answered not sure, while the other 4 people answered yes for both questions. It was a mixture of answers. One of the interviewee’s talked her experience with having kids and how to handle them, relating to question 7.Also she shared about h
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