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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH 1120 FALL SEMESTER EXAM REVIEW SHEETExam format definitions 12 sentences short answer questions 34 sentencesand longer answer questions 12 paragraphsExam length 2 hoursTermsculturegenderethnocentrismthird sexgenderethnocentric fallacygender hierarchyrelativismrite of passagerelativistic fallacyworld viewarmchair anthropologymetaphorparticipant observationritualfieldworkmythethnographic methodrevitalization movementssociocultural anthropologysyncretizationapplied anthropologycreoleidentityethnographyenculturationnationstateegocentric societynationalismsociocentric societymulticulturalismShort Answer Questions1 What do naming practices in different societies reveal about their views of selfThe differences in naming practices among different societies reveal the different ways societies conceptualize what a person is and how that person relates to the group Personal names are names that define who we are as individuals in our society but in other societies names are determined by others For instance in the Angolan society it is not about creating unique individuals but connecting kin to the world around them In some societies names mean a whole different thing 2 What is the difference between the egocentric and sociocentric selfEgocentric self is a view of the self that defines each person as a replica of all humanity as a location of motivations and drives and as capable of acting independently of others Sociocentric self is a context dependant view of the self The self exists as an entity only within the concrete situations or roles occupied by the person 3 Provide one reason why anthropologists prefer to use the ethnographic methodBy carefully documenting their experiences and observations with field notes and combining this with participant observation and other quantitative fieldwork techniques anthropologists would be able to obtain the natives point of view4 Identify and briefly explain two challenges in doing fieldworkEthnocentric fallacy is the mistaken notion that the beliefs and behaviors of other cultures can be judged from the perspective of ones own culture Cultural relativism is the mistaken notion that the beliefs and behaviors of other cultures can be judged from the perspective of ones own culture The problem with both of these is that neither asks why The embodied experience that a person faces due to their gender can strive to overcome the potential of ethnocentrism Embodied experience will limit an individuals participant observation An example of this would be Geertz who had to develop trust so he could hang out with the people The biggest challenge in his case was participation 5 Identify and briefly explain two steps in the fieldwork processPrior to entering the field one has to develop a research topic Also one needs funding and permissions The next question that arises is where is the field The field can be located anywhere and even in your own community Multicited anthropologists are constantly moving around because the field is changing for the group that they are studying How much time is spent doing fieldwork Generally anthropologists spend a year to many years When spending time in the field the anthropologist conducts participant observation 6 Identify and briefly define two subdisciplines of anthropologyBiological anthropology the oldest of the four sub disciplines focuses on human beings as one of a great multitude of organisms that inhabit the earthLinguistic anthropologists examine the relationship between language and culture They are interested in how people use language both in a physical sense with regard to how communication is structured and in a historical sense with regard to how different languages have developed and spread throughout history7 Identify and briefly define two subbranches of sociocultural anthropologyPolitical Ecologyfield of study that combines the concerns of ecology and a broadly defined political economy One of the directions this approach has taken has involved challenging dominant explanations for environmental degradation and contesting some of the popular solutions to environmental problems Law and Societyone that inquires into the context of enforceable norms social political economic and intellectual This includes but goes farther than what Western governments and courts define as law 8 Provide two examples of jobs that an applied anthropologist might hold and briefly explain how these demonstrate applied anthropology Applied anthropology means to put anthropological knowledge into practice Examples of jobs that an applied anthropologist may hold include archaeologist and medical anthropologists Medical anthropologists learn about cultural differences in explaining what causes illness and what people from different cultures believe is acceptable as treatment Archaeologists are interested in recovering
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