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ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH 1120Lecture 10 What caused the formation of the nationstate1 Review2 What is a nationstatenationstates are one possibility out of many potential political formationsHowever the nation state is the most powerful political formation in our world today Nation is a collection of people who share a common language worldview and or ancestrya nation is a collection of people who share a common language world view and ancestrya state is a form of society characterized by a hierarchical ranking of people and centralized political control2 features being highlightedmost anthropologists would agree that states existed for nation states people have specialized trait occupations which leads to different classesoanother feature of state is the authority of that ruling or the land ownerthe centralized authority is what states are characterized by owhen there is a conflictresolution carried out by governing authoritiesostates emerged alongside or out of large citiescompetition by groups for resourcesa nation state is a political community that has clearly defined territorial borders and a centralized authoritytalk about political communitypolitical community shares a common worldviewthat common identity managed by a central identity
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