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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH 1120 Lecture 11Nationstates and identities Why are some identities privileged over others 1 Review2 The nation and identity How are national identities created and what ensures their success or failurethe construction of an other the other can live outside the borders of the nationstatethe other can also be located inside the boundaries of the nationstateimmigration is another way in which others can be producedimmigrant others are often constructed in terms of racial identitiesrace and ethnicity are often important features in national identity narratives of who belongs and who doesntanother way in which national identities are created and reinforced is through educational institutionsMost of the worlds nation states the nation state is composed of people with different languages culture heritages so creating a nation is not an easy task The leaders of the nation must persuade people as members of a common communityGetting people to imagine or believe in the nation is not easyThe nation state in order to work has to recognized by its citizens as a legitimate state of authority and holds rules Nation states are always involved in writing who belongs in the community and who doesnt Every national identity requires another requires an idea of persongroups that are not members of the nation state In order to belong to the nation state you need to have others who do not belong in the nation stateCanadian national identity identified as how we are different from the AmericansoIndigenous people
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