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ANTH 1120 Midterm: Midterm Exam Review NOV13 HUMA 1970

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ANTH 1120
Molly Ladd- Taylor

Worlds of Childhood Midterm ReviewExam Date November 26th 2013 CHAPTER 1 Childhood in crisis What does it mean to be a child today How has the universal childhood been shaped Childhood is viewed dierently and experienced dierently across me and placeViewing childhood throughGeographyPerspecves beliefsTimePlace Biological Minority World North America Majority World Rest of the world Disciplinary perspecves for understanding childhood Historical demonstrates how certain ideas about childhood are products of parcular mes places and contextshow these shape contemporary childhood Developmental psychology empirical measurable knowledge about children through tesng observaons etc Anthropological how values customs beliefs and social structures frame a way of life JeanJacques Rousseau 1712 1778Romanc philosopherRomanc movement of the 18th century Childhood is a me of innocence and they need protecon Chris Jenks Allison James and Alan Prout new sociology of childhood childhood as a social construcon made by the discourses that name and shape it childhood cant be separated by subject acviesgender age race religion and geography UNCRC United Naons Convenon on the Rights of the Child 1989Anyone under the age of 18 is a child Fails to recognize the cultural social and biological factors that contextualize children No way to reinforce these lawsUSASomalia only areas that havent signed Moral Panic and the construcon of crisis Georey Pearson moral panic about our youth occurs every 20 years themes are recycledMarn Bakerrepeated a new culture comes alongkey queson what is bad for our youth what is considered bad aboron gay marriage considered bad in previous years accepted now Social Theory Anthony Giddensindividualizaon thesis society looks at the individualexternal values and norms
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