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Karl Schmid

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Both plural and monogamous marriages can be (among other types) • Same sex • Love marriages (tomorrow) • Arranged Arranged marriage • When an intermediary source (usually a family member) introduces or “sets up” a couple for the purpose of marriage • Incredibly variable in sense of introduction to a couple that just want to get married or intermediate source decides that yes these two are going to get married • Predicated upon a sociocentric view of societies- the idea that your social networks and particularly your family take precedents over individual needs • Example: the idea of education; if you obey your parents and go for a secondary education you will have everything you want in life • The idea of family is much more important and choice of your partner is not only what’s best for you but its what’s best for your family and your families position in that society • Therefore, you’re not marrying that person but rather marrying the whole family • Arranged marriage is going through a lot of changes within the Indian society • The idea of family as being important element of life and ones self of sense it is so important to explore in India • She states that if you take marriage in your hands it’s a huge risk that you are taking and it’s a risk because if either side of family doesn’t support the marriage you lose the families support and within the framework Amanda discusses is that in India family support is critical; so you’re access depends on your family connections • Unlike in our own society divorce is acceptable but for Indian society it is seen as scandals and is lower in their society • So marriage for the society is a life long commitment • Family member would set up a potential arranged marriage and within the construct in her performance she talks about how it is carefully done over years • What are some of the things that a family member will look for? Reputation, status of family, economic stability- generally people want to marry someone the same economic status or higher, level of education, skin tone and height • Families try to promote endogamous connections- trying to get people together that are same class, economics,
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