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York University
ANTH 3080
Rebecca Jubis

Question 1Mrs Soo Lee 80 years old widowed lives with her daughter soninlaw and two grandchildren Her daughter and soninlaw work fulltime outside of the home The two grandchildren attend university fulltime Mrs Soo Lee has been recently diagnosed with early stage Alzheimers disease She speaks English but has been using Mandarin more and more in all her communications in the last 3 months A nonMandarin speaking nurse has been assigned to assess how Mrs Soo Lee and her family are coping with this situation How should the nurse initially collect data about Mrs Soo Lees situation1 Ask Mrs Soo Lee and her daughter to describe changes Mrs Soo Lee may have recently experienced Rationale Basic therapeutic communication requires the establishment of a respectful relationship with the client in order to obtain assessment data2 Ask Mrs Soo Lees daughter to translate the nurses questions and Mrs Lees answers Rationale Approaching the daughter first assumes the mother is incapable of communicating and establishing a relationship3 Interview Mrs Soo Lees family members to explore their perceptions of the situation over the past few months Rationale Involving all the members of the family would be excessively confusing for the client with Alzheimers4 Have Mrs Soo Lees daughter describe the changes she has seen in her mother Rationale Having the daughter describe the changes observed in Mrs Lee may be valid but would not be the first stepQuestion 2What suggestion should the nurse make to the family in order to promote Mrs Soo Lees safety in the home1 Ensure all exit doors are securely locked Rationale Wandering does not occur until the later stages of Alzheimers Locking her in is likely to interfere with independence and self esteem 2 Arrange to have Mrs Soo Lee supervised at all times Rationale Early stage Alzheimers may be forgetful but can function with some degree of independence 3 Identify and eliminate potential hazards in the home Rationale Falls are common causes of injury in the elderly 4 Do not allow Mrs Soo Lee to use any electrical appliances Rationale Early stage Alzheimers does not require this level of restriction of activities Normal activities of daily living should be encouraged as long as possibleQuestion 3 Mrs Soo Lees daughter reveals to the nurse that her mother has become increasingly frustrated and angry in the last 2 weeks Which of the following explanations by the nurse would best assist the family in understanding Mrs Soo Lees change in behaviour1 Making demands on Mrs Soo Lee will lead to further agitation Rationale This response is too general to be helpful 2 Frustration may be eased by performing complex tasks for Mrs Soo Lee Rationale Performing tasks for her may decrease her self esteem and increase her frustration 3 Mrs Soo Lees outbursts are characteristic of the illness and are predictable Rationale Making excessive demands on Alzheimers clients may lead to aggressive behavior 4 Mrs Soo Lees behaviour could be due to her awareness that she cannot remember Rationale Helping the family to understand the changes in Mrs Lee may assist them to avoid unreasonable demands Acceptance of this change in behavior is important in dealing with clients with Alzheimers
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