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Karl Schmid

Consumption of culture • McDonalds and coke are objects of western culture • Buying souvenirs from other countries Culture of consumption • We live in a world where we over consume Effects of tourism Preservation of culture—the group that is the subject of tourism can see as a positive value. Marginalized groups see tourism as a positive thing because within their countries, their cultures are not expressed in an interesting way. But in a touristic environment, groups like the Maya’s are expressed in a positive and interesting way. Greenwood would say that tourism can also destroy culture by commodifying. It can destroy the authenticity of that culture. However, tourists can see authenticity in a different way. Authenticity is a cultural construct so it is in the eyes of the beholder. Some tourists don’t even care about authenticity, and instead be concerned about how entertaining it was. Mccannel readings Emergent authenticity— a cultural product or trait thereof that is judged as contrived or inauthentic but may in the course of time be seen as authentic Ego mimesis— refers to immitations. Tourist spaces are being designed in a way that they imitate the ego itself. They feel like peoples individual ego’s. there is battle between the ego and superego. The ego is responsible for integration. It saying I am one person. The ego is constructed mentally, and every moment it is confirming itself so it is insecure. The superego is where we internalize all these messages from society. Religious, social, political conjunctions. As a capitalist society comes about, the superego comes in to play. The new consumption ego comes from advertisements or e
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