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ANTH 3120
Karl Schmid

Eco-tourism –alternative tourism Issues raised by tourism- sometimes proposed to deal with a lot of problems ….. so what are some of the problems? Inequalities that exist and different power relations and in a lot of cases we see only 10 or 15 percent revenues actually ending up in a particular place- so who benefits really from tourism when there is environmental degradation in tourism What about cultural appropropraitaiton and commodification? And we create tourism that perhaps educates tourists and can we change things around? We know that tourism is a growing economically aspect of the global economy as about 10 to 12 percent the gdp How can we introduce into tourism ecogolocally susntaitnabe? How do we get people to benefit if we believe that it’s the case Different ngos become involved with the fair trade tourism and such Biggest group is tourism concern which ais a group t largest ngo that exists now in terms of tourism based in London but has branchesa roujdn thw world prooites respoinsible and sustainable tourism like human rights watch and such… World tourism organization…..most dominant – anf this organization is uniqyye united nation orhect- first time that ….all countries who beloing to it make up to it//// The world tourism also has private cirproatopns involved and some ngos as well….. Some of the ways altnerative tourism is involved……there are different terms for what peoepl define as more sustainable terms…. Sustainable development…..t his world has a hirtoty to it andits used by different groups with very dfferent ways Sustainable tourism----came out of sustainable development- can there be sustainable tourism? Environemtneally susutainable…economically sustainable and scoioculturally sustainable…….] ]it became a framework he three things aboce- but critiqsof this form of tourism has pointed out tht it didn’t tak eery logn for the ideaof sustianabel toruism fromt oruism that will benefit peopela nd the tourist sna dneviornemtnet and such to the idea aa the idea can u develop tourism that can be sustaine.d….lke keeping tourists in and such… it lost wht the questioning of what does it mena Ecotourism- more forcus on econolgocalyl sustained tourism……………. Ecologiovl aspect to it-e co tourism takes on the kidn of sustianabe side but often what gets forgotton there is an emphasis on environmental the sociocultural side Lighter form of toruim- promoted by business toruikms- wal mart tourism- wal mart incorporating green aspect ot their business.. but reallt a lot of this freen perspectoe Wal mart looking to generate its own solar power or reducing transportation coss through more efficieneis… but this is is limiting Pacitipototy tousirm- comes out of international development models… of the trends to relize that earlier dveliooment prohect didn’t ivolve people form the place so nowthere ithis model that comes into ID that if u create these projets they really fail unless you involve the community m ore….you don’t deveop tourim that alieniets people u bring it in and do what youw ant but itbecause it can detrminintela to you een… It has down sides too- some poepel say green washing…saying tha there is my new java bleacha ndits amore plant based plastic used thing it’s a green wash java bleach is nviornemtnall sustianablitity is not high …same thing with parcipitory prohects…. Its Pro-poor tourism------ its aligned with the idea that how do we lift up the poor in the world and maybe tourism can be it..and so its very serious in many aspect in terms ofhow hwo can u use this tourism this partiucalt form of economic development to give them the skills and capacities that they need There is a qurstion of is it just a way of pushing porr people into te industry The problem with the poor- for the poor is that the often don’t have access to the capitals with the businesses…… Eco tourism is just ego tourism…. Eco tourism starts with a big problema dn that returning to the lfoight and basically hwo si it environtwntally ustainable toiruism fi a person hopes on the plave- as soon as they hop on the plane they doible their carbpon emission how is going someplace and using a composite toilet going to radically change the world ina better place Tourist bubble- is this way that tourism is understood eve on a mental levela ndit excludes other issues like how did the eco part get to the way it is or how did I get therhe in the first plae Eco tourism and sustainable tourism and such…………….there are all forms of tourism that are small inr elation to the other forms of toruism overall Like fair trade- a wa o frealting comnsumers and producers that maybe overall will make a change eventually……. Community tourism—much more hwo do I relate to people on the other side of the worl dhow o I get to know what thei rneeda re and such So all forms of alternative tourisma re small- in some way it alightns wih what capitalismis today Is alternatve tourism is going to make this break towards develoing this knowledge of the problems of tourism and incoirporating in the process of tourism Or is this going to sellw wellto peoopel who lke cultural capital What does niche tourism do? Its exclusive and it attracts more higher income tourists and it packaes certain pakcalkages and lifestyles and ecosystema s alternatives Search for the wild…….. eco tourism t Symbolic inversion- we ar eliving in cities k- we want t Encoulsure moment- creating natural spaces by removing peoeplf rom their places of living where commonalnds were taken away and seena s not productive and so in euroe it was more people who were armers who were rasing animals on the and and they migrated to the cities and such …industrial reoluton thenw e come ot north America we created “natural spaces” by oushing people out of the scene (indigineious people from Canada) There is a flight from history we earase how the tigns happened and we create like a new way of making it seen like it s antural andhas always been that way Cronon…end of article how do you think that there is humans paces and wilderness spaces and is that really goignt o work…… One thing about the film is there are problems of ecological suatianbalitiy within the aprk themselves Carrying capacity- what is the carrying cpapcity- hwo many poepel can live on a certain piece of land with perfect sustainability One problem – within the areas they have to manage and within the areas its usually western notion the film More and more animals and nature perform….animals come out and there is an entertainment complex and hats an ssiue too In the creation of the parks – who has been disposed- who has lost access to that land and as htye mentioned is the problem of the community surrounding CAMPFIRE program in zimbabwae- stands for community manangamnet- which is campfire and basically in te pionnerr orogram in zimbawae as tourism development people started tget displaced and they became irritated and began to resent tourism andin some African countrie
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