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Sex and Relationship Tourism March 17.docx

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York University
ANTH 3120
Karl Schmid

Sex and Relationship Tourism March 17, 2014 How does race and gender interact with tourism? Spaces of tourist practice: • distant space: that we look at, gaze upon (representational geography) • surrounding space: that we see, touch and smell and which we meet people (non- representational geography) Hawaii- colonized by the states: it is an insider “other” • Americans can go to Hawaii easily • Embodied tourism where we see certain representations • Not sex tourism per se but sexualized tourism o Distant space:  Gazing on the body on display  Body as a marker- constructing meaning of body on display o Surrounding space:  Doing tourism engaging the body on display  Feeling, sociality • Desire because of representation, people want to recreate fantastic sunset in the Mediterranean, or party in Brazil, get a lei in hawaii Discovery of America- Jan van der Straet (1575) • Man- the colonizer is coming to colonize America ( which is depicted as a woman) the colonized • It represents personality and who is really in control Hawaii- hula girl image • Dancing that is unique (racialized stereotyping) • Embodying racial difference in Hawaii tourism o Racialized body of Hawaiian narrative  Symbolically female and brown ( not black)  Non-threatening and familiar o Body of tourist  Symbolically male and while  Comfortable interacting with (dominating) the Hawaiian body • Recalls eden ( plays with primitivism) • Female sexuality and sensual in non-aggressive form • A part of nature • Hula girl not hula woman • This is all an early formation of the tourist other Lu’au: • ‘warming up’ on the bus trip to Lu’au site • Presentation of lei and kisses-> this is a physical marker not a representation • Intimate photos of tourist and performers • Kissing line • Learning hula- hip shaking as racial marker • Start to develop tourism language with what tourism should expect and look for when traveling The ideal native and surrounding space: • Physical presence of certain native bodies in cultural performance • Sanctioned space for pleasurable experience of racialized native body • Live cultural shows: o Physical contact with racialized body o Subservient and gentle demeanour Hawaiian music in public spaces • Socials are created for strangers. They meet and encounter others in these spaces or tourist spaces How does being a tourist change people’s sexual desires? • Women’s sexual behaviour in tourism (Gibson and Poria) o Experimentation, empowerment -> can be with their partners o Resistance to gendered expectations of appropriate sexual behaviour o Liminality and anonymity factors  Due to liminality of the tourist expereince you are away from structure and not to conform to expectation and behaviours  Not being judged  Causual sex might be ok in this situation or having more sex with partner o Recreations of the self -> tourism is liberating and you get to focus on yourself o Conscious of safety  Often larger groups of people coming through this stage What can we understand about global tourism sexscapes? Globalization: • Intensification of connection and communication • Movement, contact, linkages • Mobility (boarders and boundaries) • Global flow of people, ideas, images, commodities) Transnational: • Activities taking place across boarders • But also, social formations and systems of relationships spanning across boarders • Seeing the development of transnational relationships Globalization and landscapes: • Globalization/transnationalism creates flows of : o People (creating ethnoscapes) o Ideas ( creating ideoscapes) o Images ( creating mediascapes)
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