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ANTH 4340
Douglas Kong

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Class 3- Law and Morality Talking about what will be on the writing assignments. -Sentence structure, grammer, diction, vocabulary -No point form, paragraphs full sentenes -Read a lot, its on the readings that we have been doing, up until the date of the assignment Aristotle -We should know how Aristotle fit of this course. -You shoud know mainly why Aristotle is important. -Should his key concepts is and how it pertains to law. -Born 384 BC and died in 322 -So the law cholerically guides our behaviour as well as morality, the question is what is the nature of the relationship between law and morality. Law is justice, and stands closest to morality -Concept 1:“Unless the law is just, we don’t have law”…Aquinas calls the “perversion of law” -Natural law theory- defines law as justice- was a dominant way people saw law. Until utilitarian came into play. -Concept 2: Law came into existence in accordance to criteria. Aristotles Ethical Theory -Referred to as “virture ethics” -What is the “good life?” 4 related concepts Telos -Aristotle believed everything in nature was composed of a distinct type of being. And moves from its potentiality to its actuality. Each thing has a function, purpose, or final end. -Aristotle believed. The human soul divided into 2 parts. Rational and non-rational. -Activity of the reason: virtue. -Virture is on an individual level, and virtue we cultivaate in respect to others is called justice. -Virtuous activity towards yourself and others controls happiness.-Aristotle -In order to be or act courageously, we need to conquer some sort of rational fear, and act courageously and boldly. -Order to cultivate the virtue of
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