BIOL 1000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Integral Membrane Protein, Differential Centrifugation, Motility

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19 Dec 2017

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Robert hooke was first to organize a basic lens, discovered cellulae. Volume determines amount of chemical activity can occur, increasing volume would make it difficult to maintain. Rates of diffusion: sa determines amount of substance that can be exchanged. Adequate concentrations: past a certain point, increasing diameter of a cell would give insufficent sa to maintain nutrient- waste exchange. (cells develop folds to increase sa which enhances ability to absorb) All cells come from pre-existing cells through cell divison. All organisms are composed of one or more cells. *three domains of life: bacteria (cyanobacteria, gram +) , archea (thermoproteus, methancocous) Lack cellular machinery and metabolism, so they hijack other cells. Closer resembled to eurkarya than bacteria; get conformation in genome. Membrane phospholipids similar in both, rna used for gene sequencing. Capsule is outer most layer (rigid or slimy) Largest organelle with a membrane called a tonoplast.

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