BIOL 1000 Study Guide - So Small, Nuclear Pore, Photosynthesis

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Cataracts = lens becomes more opaque, denaturation of protein that make up the lens. Provides info for organism about physical world around them. Electromagnetic radiation = hydrogen converted to helium by the sun into en, travels in wave form. Variable wavelength = distance btw 2 peaks (nanometers 10^-9) Light = part of em spectrum detected by human eye (400nm 700nm) (narrow) Photon: energy packet, no mass, absorbed by electrons. Particle-wave duality = property of light that is both a wave and stream of photons. R < o < y < g < b < i < v. Photon hits object reflected or transmitted or absorbed (for energy/info use) Absorption = only when photon energy equals en difference btw gs and es of electron. Excited state e- reps energy required for photos and vision. Pigments = class of molecules efficient at absorbing photons (chlorophyll a and indigo) Pigments have covalently bonded c atoms in alternating single/double bonds (conjugated system)

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