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York University
BIOL 1000
Ronald Sheese

“Phenomenon” is another word for an event, something that happens in the world. Psychological phenomena are those events that are of interest to psychologists, and there is a vast array of such phenomena. Examples include such things as the feeling of attraction that a person experiences to a new acquaintance, the act of running a marathon, or the thought that it is almost time to leave home for school. Psychological phenomena fall into three broad categories: affective, behavioral, and cognitive Affective- involves ones emotion, jealousy Behavioral- ones action, their origin and result, an individuals action in the world Cognitive- involved with the thinking processes, rational Metapsychology is a term used to refer to the idea of stepping back from the work of Psychology and asking questions about how that work is done, as well as how it should be done. - Critically thinking and analyzing why you are doing what u are doing, asking questions… - A professional self-reflection Psychological Constructs- Within the disciplinary knowledge of Psychology are a number of const
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