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Test Two notes- Quinlan

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BIOL 1000
Nicole Nivillac

• If we looka t the major lineages of organsisms we notice that its major adaptation hat differentatio lineages. • Evolutionary forces that result in major evolutionary chnges on t eh scale of macroevolutions- macroeoltuin is sifferentation of common abcestro into different decdedatn linegaes that differe in very major adaptive changes. • Ive already talked about how a human eye can evolve with a series of gradual steps. • Example Feathers: archatetparkx- advanced feather had veins anchors of feathers, we know that fetahers fo some sort appear in fossil record occur before acretoaprty but they weren’t involved in flight • Thesse frathers are known as down feather- these feather are onvolved in insultion • Evolution of feathers: • Allosaurids  coelursaraus  caudiepteryx  birds • And we see the number of ancestral bird like fossils accumalte over time for example more recent – flightless reptile that has feathers caudipetryx  equiva;net of non flight • We have ancestors that have beginning of etahers but don’t have the body plan/feather shape that will allow them to fly • Exaptation / preadaptation  refers to a function that had one function to begin with but then became iportatnt fulfill a different type of function  fetahers • Fetahera were originally insulators,. The only aninmal with inilsated structures were warm blooded naimals – one lineage of dinasouars that was a awarm blodded reptiles – but all the reptiles we see today are cold blooded • Reptiles have scales – fetahers may have developed form scaled- same genes • Fetahers were modified scales and their origin was downike structures • Over a seriues of gradual steps they became flight like and were able to fly • Dinasoars with flying surfaces could have had advanates • As selection for gliding surfaces any mutatsion that had gliding s
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