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bio1001 exam

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York University
BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

1Biology1010TamaraKellySpring2013compiledtwotests2FinalExamKEY3Which of the following would be an example of secondary successionarecovery of a grassland from a prairie firebconversion of forest to a pond due to beaver activitycdecimation of a population of oak trees due to diseasedanswers A and B4Assume that you have been studying a population of cattails at the edge of a pond After 10 years of observations you notice that the population has remained steady What is the most likely explanationaThe birth rate and death rate are both increasing at the same ratebThe pond is drying upcThe carrying capacity of the pond has been reacheddNutrient levels in the pond are fluctuating5Assume that each individual of a particular species produces 10000 seeds over its lifetime If the population size is stable not increasing or decreasing approximately how many of those seeds will on average survive to reproduce a1b10c1000dThere is no way to know6Ecologists generally separate organisms in an ecosystem into three categories producer consumer decomposer based on ahow they obtain their energybhow rapid their metabolism iscthe rate of succession in the ecosystemdthe size and complexity of the ecosystem75 A farmer uses triazine herbicide to control pigweed in his field For the first few years the triazine works well and almost all the pigweed dies but after several years the farmer sees more and more pigweed Which of these explanations best describes this observationAThe herbicide company lost its triazine formula and started selling poorquality triazineBThe herbicide caused the pigweed to mutate creating a new triazineresistant speciesCTriazineresistant pigweed has less efficient photosynthesis metabolismDOnly triazineresistant weeds survived and reproduced so each year more pigweed was triazineresistant86A farmer uses triazine herbicide to control pigweed in his field For the first few years the triazine works well and almost all the pigweed dies but after several years the farmer sees more and more pigweed no matter how often he applies triazine Which of these actions is most likely to solve the farmers problemAbuying triazine from a different companyBtrying a different herbicideCincreasing the amount of triazine he puts on his fieldsDadding triazine more often to his fields197Parasitic species tend to have simple morphologies Which of the following statements best explains this observationAParasites are lower organisms and this is why they have simple morphologiesBParasites do not live long enough to inherit acquired characteristicsCSimple morphologies have been naturally selected for in most parasitesDParasites have not yet had time to progress because they are young evolutionarily108Why are some traits considered vestigial AThey improve the fitness of an individual who bears them compared with the fitness of individuals without those traitsBThey change in response to environmental influencesCThey existed a long time in the pastDThey are reduced in size complexity and function compared with traits in related species119An example of a vestigial trait in humans isAkidneysBcataractsCgoose bumpsDThere are no vestigial traits in humans1210Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder in homozygous recessives that causes death during the teenage years If 4 in 10000 newborn babies have the disease what are the expected frequencies of the dominant A and recessive A alleles according to the HardyWeinberg 12modelAfA09996 fA 002001200004DfA09604 fA12BfA09984 fA003921200016 EfA09200 fA12CfA09800 fA 008001213aaAA 410000000042214A 0022 1511For biologists studying a large flatworm population in the lab which HardyWeinberg condition is most difficult to meetAno selectionBno genetic driftCno gene flowDno mutationErandom mating2
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