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BIOL 1001 Winter 2012 Midterm 2 Answers

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BIOL 1001
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BIOL 1001 Section M Midterm II 2012vA W2012 SCBIOL 1001 30 Midterm II March 9 2012 Section MVersion A This test consists of 31 multiple choice items section and version indicatorsthese do not count in the score but must be completed and 1 shortanswer questions There are 10 pages This test is 50 minutes long The entire question booklet and your scantron must be submitted to receive a grade Indicate your full name and student number on the scantron and on this page Please doublecheck your student number bubbling Be sure to sign the signin sheet Your name must be written in permanent ink in all places Please answer all questions on the scantron Choose the single best answer out of the options for each question Read each question and all possible answers carefully Calculators cell phones mp3 players and other electronic devices are NOT permitted and must be put away Students are reminded of the Code of Conduct agreement signed at the beginning of the course in particular I understand York Universitys Senate Policy on Academic Honesty and will abide by this policy avoiding cheating plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty Invigilators reserve the right to move students during the test This may not reflect any suspicion of you eg someone behind you may be looking at your paper However please note that aiding and abetting cheating is considered an academic honesty offense in itself IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED BY 210 PM YOU MUST REMAIN AT YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE EXAM IS OVER AND YOUR TEST HAS BEEN PICKED UP Good luckLast name First name MUST BE FILLED OUT IN Student number PENYOU MUST ALSO FILL IN YOUR NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER ON THE LAST PAGE FOR THE SHORT ANSWER THIS PAGE WILL BE DETACHED FROM THE REMAINDER OF THE EXAM THUS IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU IDENTIFY IT SAME THING AS BIOL 1000 1 BIOL 1001 Section M Midterm II 2012vA Please check that you have bubbled your student number correctly on the scantron Choose one answer for each question1 You are in Section Mplease indicate this by filling in B on the scantron If you are NOT in Section M see an invigilator immediately A No X B Pick me C No X D No X E No X2 You have exam version A which must be indicated on the scantron to get credit for test questions A Pick me B No X C No X D No X E No X3 A woodland plant has flowers that vary from white to light red to redBecause the bee pollinators prefer red to white flowers the plants with red flowers produce more fruit than plants with white flowersNevertheless the percentage of different flower colours remains stable in the study population from year to year This would indicate thatA red flowers must be adapted for pollination by bees B the relative abundance of the flower colour is genetically determined C natural selection cannot preferentially select any of the flower coloursD flower colour exhibits qunatitative variation E fitness is primarily determined by fruit flower colour in this species4 Until recently evolutionary theory stressed genetic mutations that alter protein amino acid sequences are a major source of variation that leads to speciation Evodevo evolutionary developmental biology offers a different understanding of the role of genetic change in evolution Which of the following statements best summarizes this understandingA Genetic mutations are not as important in evolutionary change as the environment in which the organism developsB Changes in cellcell interactions in a parents body can lead to phenotypic change in offspringC Similar genes are found in most developing animal bodies changes in the times and places they are expressed can lead to phenotypic variationD Greater numbers of genes rather than the ways in which they are regulated leads to the development of more complex animals over time2 BIOL 1001 Section M Midterm II 2012vA5 The frequency of the B allele for an autosomal gene in a population that is in HardyWeinberg equilibrium is 102 and the frequency of the B allele is 08The phenotype of allele B is dominant to that of BIf females make 212up exactly half of the population what is the frequency of the B allele in the female population alone1A 01 B 02 C 04 D 08 E Need to know if this trait is sexlinked 6 Examine the above graphs which describe variation for the same trait in Populations X and YWhat can you conclude based on the information in the graphsA Both populations have the same mean average value for this trait B Both populations exhibit the same amount of variation for this trait C Population X exhibits more variation than Population Y for this trait D Population Y exhibits more variation than Population X for this trait E Both A and B F Both B and C7 Recombination due to crossing over occurs during meiosis I The resulting allele combinations are called recombinants Natural selection and recombination due to crossing over during meiosis I are related in which of the following waysA Recombinants are usually selected against B Recombinants may have combinations of traits that are favoured by natural selection C Recombination does not affect natural selection D Nonrecombinant organisms are usually favoured by natural selection if there is environmental change3
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