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Learning Objectives

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Biodiversity Learning Objectives 1 Explain in general terms how the Earths shape affects the intensity of solar radiation across latitudesy The global pattern of environmental diversity results from the latitudinal variation on incoming solar radiation o Meaning that the suns rays on Earth are dependent on the latitudinal and the rotation of the Earth in addition the orbit around the sun SPRING SUMMER FALL and WINTER How close the suns rays are dispersed o The spherical shape of the Earths cause the intensity of the rays to vary across the Earth therefore the intensity of the rays are different from the poles and equatorFUN FACT sunlight hits the EARTH at 90degrees but that only occurs at the equatory Rays travel short distances and falls on the smallest surface area possibleBut when it hits oblique angles it travels longer distances because the ray is not hitting at a 90 degree angle2 Define the three different types of biodiversity species communityecological genetic y Species refers to the variety of different types of living things on Earth such as bacteria fungi insects mammals plants and more Different species have different roles to play within ecosystems A specie can be defined as population of similar organisms that reproduce by interbreeding within the groupo Ex Human beings interbreed with each other but with different characteristics in different parts of the Earth therefore they can successfully breed with each other and produce normal offsprings So even though no two humans look the same they can make a single species because they reproduce among themselves y Ecological are combinations of communities of living things with the physical environment in which they live There are many different kinds of ecosystems each ecosystem provides many different kinds of habitats or living places The living things and the nonliving environment interact constantly and in complex ways that change over time with NO TWO ECOSYSTEM IS THE SAMEy Genetic Everyone is different this is due to genetic diversity the variety of genes within a species Each species consist of individuals with their own particular genetic composition When the individuals in
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