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Explaining and Contrating Mitosis vs Meiosis.docx

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BIOL 1500
Tanya Da Sylva

 Mitosis vs. Meiosis o Meiosis o Responsible for producing Gametes o Thus half number of chromosomes o Mitosis o Responsible for everything else o Mitotic Division purpose is to get to ½ chromosomes while keeping chromosomes the same, making sure you have a full set of genes in one daughter cell and a full set of genes in the other o Mitosis Prophase vs. Meiosis Prophase o Both start of with the same looking cell o First Step : the chromosomes double (same as meiosis except in meiosis )  Thus: Both include DNA Replication o Also Synapsis only occurs in Meiosis Prophase and NOT in Mitosis prophase  Synapsis is the pairing of homologous chromosomes, one from each parent  Homologous pairs/chromosomes contain genes that are going to control the same traits. o Mitosis Metaphase vs. Meiosis Metaphase o Mitosis Metaphase  All chromosomes line up in a vertical along the equator in singles o Meiosis Metaphase  The homologous pairs line up along equator o The two phases of Meiosis and Mi
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