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BIOL 1500
Carl Wolfe

By Randhir Kunwar Multani Abstract There are couples of experiments to determine the cardiovascular fitness It can be determine through individuals pulses rate and rate of respiration In this experiment it will be demonstrated how the participant cardiovascular fitness measured and if the weight independent variable effects on the heart pulse rate or not The dependent variable the participant took a step test in which sixty steps were taken in sixty seconds It was taken twice one without carrying any weight and one with carrying some weight on him The hypothesis was weight would increase the pulse rate as compare to not carrying with weight The experimental results did support the hypothesis according to the mean pulse rate of each treatment however the recovery time had gotten the opposite results for the hypothesis It also shows that different people has different cardiovascular fitness depends on their bodiesQuestionDoes additional weight on step test effects the heart pulse rateVariablesIn this experiment the independent variable was the workload the additional three pounds weight The dependent variable was the heart pulse rate and the recovery time The constant variables were the same participant getting in the step test twice the same observer through whole experiment the same step and the stepper The control treatments were the workload and the speed at which the participant was stepping
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