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BIOL 1500
Carl Wolfe

By Randhir Kunwar Multani IntroductionPhotosynthesis is a vital work for plants and some other organisms Their necessity for photosynthesis is just as important for them as the human have for food and water As there is variety of foods for human that has different amount of energy in them This is the same case for plants as well different colors or in other words wavelengths of lights have different energy in them so therefore different photosynthetic rate There are different types of experiments to determine the photosynthetic rate of variety of plants In this experiment it will be demonstrated how the different color of lights exposure affects the photosynthetic rate of plants The two treatments different colors lights that will be exposes to the plant in this experiment will be the white light and the blue lightThe hypothesis of the experiment that was being done to analyze the photorespiration of plants by exposing the different lights on them is that the photosynthetic rate will change with the respect of changing the type of light exposure Specifically as the exposure of white light to the plant would increase the photorespiration rate as compare to the blue light exposure Because the higher the energy is the higher the rate of photorespiration is for the plants There are more wavelengths per unit frequency at longer wavelengths than at shorter ones Conversely there are more frequencies per unit wavelength at shorter wavelengths Lynch Soffer 1999 p 30 As it proves that there is more frequency in shorter wavelengths which means it has higher energy therefore it will excites the electron more faster than the longer wavelengths or in other words the shorter frequencies
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