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BIOL 2020
K Wheaton

Lecture 1 study notes C H O make up of cells 63%, 25%, 10% (C&O make up 98%) Hierarchy of life Organstissuescellsorganellesmacromolecules Proteins are used for cellular structures, regulation, enzymatic activity, mobility and defence Nucleic acids formed from nucleotide triphosphates into a linear array connected by phsopo-diester bonds Weight of lipids compared Smaller in weight, used in cellular recognition to DNA or proteins Glucose stored as Branched polymer called glycogen Central dogma and DNARNAproteinfunction by crick proposed by? Brownian motion and used Water and gas molecules bouncing randomly for? environment is water, and is used for biochem reactions Polar molecules have? Permanent dipoles Hydrogen bonds are? Noncovalent and formed from Brownian motion Formed by? D: electrostatic interactions interactions between distinct electrical charges on atoms. Salt bridges Between Na and Cl, interaction varies inversely with the square of the distance between the two and the nature of the intervening medium Hydrogen bonds also Between H and electroneg element, water can disrup
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