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BIOL 2020
K Wheaton

Describe myoglobin Globular single polypeptide, oxygen buffer in heart and skeletal muscles, 1 heme group Describe motifs/super secondary structures Particular combinations found in many and give an example proteins, e.g. helix turn helix (found in protein that binds dna) Describe protein domains Globular units, peptide chains connect them, like pearls on a string Simplest quaternary structure? Dimer Hemoglobin consists of? 2 alpha subunits and 2 beta ones, alph2beta2 How do we know that the primary sequence Urea denatures ribozyme, and when codes for the 3D sequence, give example with renatured it forms the same disulphide urea bridges and connections and is enzymatically active, proving the statement. How do proteins fold? Retain partly correct intermediates because they are more stable, folding funnel shows the breadth of all the possibilities and it shows that there are different pathways to the native structure Amyloidosis, explain and give Soluble proteins are converted to insoluble protein sheets, induces others to go into the aggregate form as well e.g. alzheimers, huntingtons, amyotrophic ..., renal, parkinsons, encephalopathies Describe alzeimers Neurodegenerative condition, amyloid-beta- protein accumulates in plaques as insoluble fibrils dead dying neurons , cognitive decline , mutation in the protein that gives them early onset of it. Describe curves of hemo and myo for oxygen Hemo is sigmoidal where as myo is hyperbolic binding Describe oxygen transport In blood from lungs to the tissues (high partial pressure of O2 in lungs, low in tissues) Describe hemo affinity for O2 in the lungs and 98%-->32% difference of 66% , myo only tissues vs. Myo releases 7% Describe structure of myo Helices, globin folds (also in hemo) can be deoxy or oxymyo Describe heme prosthetic group Gives muscle red color, protoporphyrin (4 pyrrole rings) linked by methane bridges to form tetrapyrrole ring 2 vinyl groups Describe iron in heme In the centre of protoporphyrin, bound to 4 pyrrole nitrogen atoms, 5 coordination site th has imidazole ring, 6 coordination binds oxygen Describe how fMRI works Changes in iron changes magnetic properties of hemo, can look at oxy and deoxy hemo , when part of brain is active it allows more
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