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BIOL 2020
K Wheaton

Active carrier or acyl groups? Coenzyme A Where does glycolysis take place, and citric Cytoplasm mitochondria acid cycle? Pyruvate dehydrogenase? Converts pyruvate oxidatively into acetyl CoA Pyruvate + CoA + NAD+ Acetyl CoA+ CO2+ NADH+H+ Irreversible reaction? Converting pyruvate into acetyl CoA, and producing 2e and CO2, decarboxylation, oxidation, and transfer of CoA group, coupled to conserve energy Describe pyruvate dehydrogenase Large, 3 enzymes, each has their own active site Making acetyl CoA requires? 3 enzymes, 5 coenzymes (TPP, lipoic acid, FAD, NAD, CoA (last 2 are stoichiometric) Describe decarboxylation of pyruvate Pyruvate combines with carbanion to tield hydroxyethyl TPP, catalyzed by E1 Describe oxidation of pyruvate Hydroxyethyl group oxidized to form acetyl group transferred to lipamide(disulfide group) reduced to disulfhydryl by E1 acetyllipoamide Formation of acetyl CoA? Acetyl group from acetyllipoamide transferred to CoA, E2 is used, thio bond is conserved How to reset lipamide? Dihydrolipoamide +FAD (E3)lipoamide +FADH2 +NAD+NADH + H+ Structure of pyruvate dehydrogenase 8 E2, 24 E1 (a2ba), 12 E3 (ab) Describe subunits of E2 (transacetylase) Amino (flexible lipoamide cofactor), and creates? lipoamide, transacetylase coordinated
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