BIOL 2030 Study Guide - Cladistics, Thumb, Nervous Tissue

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9 Mar 2011

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Midterm exam is 75 minutes, 40 mc balances of material i. e. equal number of questions. Midterm includes material up to and including oct. 21st (mollusca i i) Final is 80mc, 20 from midterm 1 material and 60mc of post-midterm material. Lecture 2 september 16, 2010: classification and phylogeny (ch4, 72-88) aristotle had an interest in classifying and was the first person to start it. Linnaeus really developed the system to our current model (1700"s: based on morphology what the animal"s body shape looks like, hierarchical taxonomic framework: at the top an all encompassing group i. e. kingdoms, Phylum, class, order, family, genus and species aka 7 mandatory ranks : for larger animal groups you have way more ranks; upto 30 ranks, binomial nomenclature ex. Anguilla japonica (capital first letter for genus and species is the second work aka species epithet. Phylogeny: phylon means race and genesis means descent. Basically the history of development of species or other group.

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