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BIOL 2060
Joel Shore

Problem set 11 Ensure that you are able to access the statistical program SAS at the university acadlabsYou will need to login using your PASSPORT YORK username and password so make sure you know what those are If you have forgotten I suppose you can find out how to obtain them at the helpdesk in one of the computer labs There is one such computer lab in the William Small Centre for exampleSOME FIRST NOTES ON USING SASILL DO SOME DEMONSTRATIONS ON USING SAS IN CLASS SOONFor now heres a brief description and some examplesCLICK THE SAS 93 ICON TO RUN SASWhen your run SAS there are three windowsThe Editor window the Log window and the Results viewer windowEditor window You enter your data set and the necessary SAS statements to carry out a particular analysisLog window It will contain a listing of the analyses you have run along with any errors you might have made so it is important to examine this window after each analysis you do to ensure there werent any errorsResults window It contains the output from your analyses If youve made some critical errors it might contain nothing or it might contain something that is meaninglesscheck the Log windowSetting up your data for SAS in the SAS editor1 The first few lines or statements in a SAS editor will be used to tell SAS a number of things about your data set2 Then your data will follow those statements3 Then youll tell SAS what analyses to carryoutSo heres an example data set which you should try to run in SASSo lets imagine Ive gone out an measured the weight of cellphones of 5 randomly sampled males and 5 females and I want to obtain some descriptions descriptive statisticsFor purposes of illustration I will put keywords used by SAS in bold but they dont need to be in bold in the actual program youll runEither type or cutandpast this SAS program into the SAS program editor Click on the running person icon at the top menu of SAS and the program should run successfullyDATA CELLPHONEINPUT GENDERWEIGHTCARDSM 12M 14M 10M 9M 13F 11F 15F 13F 12F 11PROC SORTBY GENDERPROC MEANS MEAN N STD STDERRPROC UNIVARIATEPROC MEANS MEAN N STD STDERRBY GENDERRUNAn explanation of the various SAS statements followsThe first statement the DATA CELLPHONEThe keyword DATA is recognized by SAS and it is usually the first statement in a data set The word that follows is one you make up that is informative to you It probably shouldnt be too long nor should it have spaces in it nor should it be a SAS keyword like dont say DATA DATANote that SAS statements are typically all followed by a semicolonThe lines of data are notINPUT statementINPUT is a SAS keyword that tells SAS how your data are organized So in my data set I had two things that described each individual in the data set One was their gender M or F the other was the weight of the cellphone in grams I made up the names of the variables using names that were informative to me but not too long and that werent SAS keywords
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