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Joel Shore

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BIOL 2060 PROBLEM SET 21 For each data set below determine each of the following by hand using a simple nonprogrammable calculatorNote that during your tests and exams you will only be allowed to use a simple nonprogrammable calculator so you must know how to do these kinds of calculations with itdata set 1data set 2data set 3 data set 41141398161323163202211061953161008184814100102659211002 Use SAS to estimate all the quantities in question 1 above for each of the four data setsANSWERS 1 and 2a n5555nYib289482364322i1n2Yic 784898704556961867968i1n2Yie 210188586174998584208352i1f median6184202100g mean56189647286442h s133220440964895869i s36469202430963j CV651247642881358199
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