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Problem set 41 For each of the following state i the null hypothesis ii the alternate hypothesis and iii indicate whether the alternate hypothesis is one or twosidedtaileda You wish to explore whether drinking coffee changes ones heart rateHo coffee has no effect on heart rateHa coffe does effect heart rate 2tailedb You believe ground squirrels in southern Ontario are smaller than those found north of the arctic circleHo ground squirrels size in southground squirrel size in northHa ground squirrels size in southground squirrel size in north 1tailedc You explore whether drinking soda pop like coke etc increases the prevalence of diabetesHo soda pop consumption doesnt increase prevalence of diabetesHa soda pop consumption does increase diabetes 1tailedd You explore whether cellphone use while driving increases the accident rateHo cellphone use does not effect accident rateHa cellphone use increase accident rate 1tailede You explore whether shading of coffee plants effects the production of coffee beansHo shading coffee plants doesnt effect productionHa shading coffee plants does effect production 2tailedf You explore whether there is more DNA sequence variation in large versus smallpopulations of field miceHo DNA sequence variation does not differ between large and small mice popnsHa DNA sequence variation greater in large vs small popns 1tailed2 Draw a diagram that illustrates the meaning of the power of a hypothesis test3 What is a Pvalue How is a Pvalue different from is the probability of incorrectly rejecting a true null HypothesisIt is set prior to our conducting a statistical test and normally 005The Pvalue is one of the final estimates from a statistical test It is the probability of our observing an experimental outcome test statistic as extreme or more extreme than the one we observed We reject Ho if the Pvalue
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