BIOL 2070 Study Guide - Final Guide: Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Argumentation Theory, Dramatization

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9 Oct 2017

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20 l micropipette: generally 2-20 l in 0. 02 l increments. To set a correct volume, rst choose the right micropipette. Adjust the dial until the correct volume shows on the digital indicator. Press rmly with slight twisting to insure an airtight seal. Slowly press the plunger down to the rst stop. This is the volume displayed on the digital readout. Hold the micropipettes vertically and immerse the tip just below the surface of liquid. Allow the push button to return slowly to the up position by slowly releasing the press of the plunger. To dispense liquid from the tip, press down the plunger slowly but rmly to the second stop (pass the rst stop point). Day 1: why is scienti c writing important, critical part of science, and is the major format used by scientists to report their. 2003) or (gage et al. , 2003: same authors have published in the same year.

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