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BIOL 3110
Michael Gadsden

BIOL3110 Exam study guide: Partial – might be revised later. MIGHT!! Revision 1  Check out your 1 two tests  What is tautomerization and how does it affect H bonding between bases?  How does the structure and atom numbering differ between purines and pyrimidines?  The synthesis of nucleotides are regulated by several feedback mechanisms. Which enzymes are regulated by feedback? How are deoxyNTP’s synthesized?  How is Salvage different from de novo? In which pathway would you find ribonucleotide reductase? HGPRT? DHFR? Do salvage enzymes or related diseases exhibit any tissue specificity?  How are chemotherapeutic drugs able to kill cancer cells? What works against them?  How does imprinting affect disease?  Bromo and chromodomains. Purpose? How have they been implicated in cancers (animation and the medicine article)  DNA polymerization occurs by a specific molecular mechanism. What are the steps involved? Can uracil be found in DNA? How could this happen and how could it be fixed? Coo forms a bridge b/w the nascent strnd and the incoming nucleotides. Also the magnesium stuff, and how it stabilies the phosphates! If cytosine is deaminated it will form uracil. When thymidylate synthetase is not working, dtmp nott made and lead to accumulation of dump. Uracill dna glycosylase has edonuclease activity which will chop out the u. exonuclease excision of singke strad patch, re-replicstin of patch by repair polymeasrse by using other stand as a tempate.  How is DNA sequencing performed? How is a sequence read and how could you identify a potential ORF?  DNA and histones can be altered by various enzymes - (Like?) - what is the result of these various alterations? Hat, hdac, kinase. Hat acelytaion recognized boromo, then once recongnized attract proteins swi/snf remoledlling that exposes tht tata box. Hdac, on slides. Serines phosphoryaltion causes condensation.  How is new recombinant DNA put into host cells? How are antibiotics and nutritional requirements used to select transformed cells? Cut with the same re on plasmid and dna of interst, ligate them and transform them into ecoli cells. There are selectable markers pick an ecoli cell which is a mutant, so it doesnt grow the antibiotc or medium without histidine, put thpse cells on a plate with the antibiotic or in the absene of nutrient and if they grow that means they have the plasmid, since cells that have the plasmind would survive in amp or media wi
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