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BIOL 3200 Midterm: BIOL 3200 NOTES test 2

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York University
BIOL 3200
Jan Sapp

Chapter 7 the myth of cell theory Cell theory (3 tenets): 1. All plants and animals are made of cells 2. Cells possess all attributes of life (assimilation, growth, repro) a. i.e. cells are the basic units of life (thus they can live independently) 3. Cells arise from preexisting cells For evolutionary biology, the cell theory pointed towardsemphasized the unity of life; that every organism is or at some time had been a cell Origins of Cell theory Matthias Jacob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann o Often taught to be the founders of cell theory, but much of what they are given credit for had already been covered by others, and much of their work contradicted the tenets of the cell theory st 1 tenet: o Both maintained, but idea did not originate with them o Instead, Brisseau de Mirbel and Lamarck nd 2 tenet: o Henri Dutrochet and J.P.F. Turpin first proposed this idea rd 3 tenet: o Scleiden and Schwann both opposed this tenet o They believed cells actually arose from cell reproduction, not by cell division This was known as free cell formation, The idea that cells arose from undifferentiated chemical substances called cytoblastem o Barthelemy Charles Dumortier, Hugo Mohl, Franz Unger, Robert Remak and Rudof Virchow all contributed to the idea that cells arise only from the division of preexisting cells Why? If most of which they are known for was stated by others before them, and their concepts of the origin of cells was wrong, why are they given all the credit? In Schleidens case, he was a very loud voice in the field and encouraged many other scientists to join the field of cell biology Schwann also had an enormous impact in the field with research and books he released So, essentially, they had large impacts on the field and were well known Research on cells led to technological improvements in things like microscopy which ultimately led to the ability to study microbes and germs Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch led the research in this field
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