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CHEM 1000
Sylvie Morin

CHEM 1000ExamAIDFinal Review Package TutorAbhishiek Setiaabby0129yorkuca York SOS1 Preface This document was created by the York University chapter of Students Offering Support York SOS to accompany our CHEM 1000 ExamAID session It is intended for students enrolled in any section of CHEM 1000 Chemical Strucure SU2011 CHEM 1000 course who are looking for an additional resource to assist their studies in preparation for the examContentsTips for General Midterm Successpage 3 Chapter 6 Gasespage 4 Chapter 7 Thermochemistrypage 8 Chapter 89 Atomic TheoryPeriodic Tablepage 12 Chapter 1011 Chemical Bondingpage 15Chapter 12 SolidsLiquids Structuralpage 18What is Students Offering SupportStudents Offering Support is a national network of student volunteers working together to raise funds to raise the quality of education and life for those in developing nations through raising marks of our fellow University studentsThis is accomplished through our ExamAID initiative where student volunteers run group review sessions prior to a midterm or final exam for a 20 donationAll of the money raised through SOS ExamAIDs is funneled directly into sustainable educational projects in developing nations Not only does SOS fund these projects but SOS volunteers help build the projects on annual volunteer trips coordinated by each University chapter York SOS 2
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