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[Exam Tutorial] CHEM1001 Section M Winter 2012 Term Test 2 Questions

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York University
CHEM 1001

Quiz 2 Section M– 1 March 2012 (4) 1. A liquid reaction A + B C reached equilibrium in volume V (the 1quilibrium constant is known and equal to K ). chis equilibrium mixture is diluted with the same solvent to a total volume of V . 2 What will be the reaction quotient Q immeciately after the dilution, before the reaction started shifting to the new equilibrium? Derive an expression for Q as a c function of K c V 1 and V .2 (6) 2. A weak base B is dissolved in water at a known concentration C . Base iBnization Constant is known and equal to K . b The ion product of water is known an equal to Kw. + - (K w [H 3 ][OH]). What is pH of this solution? Derive and expression for pH as a function of K , C w b and K b Do not make any assumption about the degree of ionization. To simplify your solution, do not consider the contribution of water self-ionization. 3. Reaction A(g) + (B) C(g), H < 0 Is at equilibrium. Will the equilibrium shift and which way will I shift if one of the following Actio
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