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CHEM 3090
Gino Lavoie

CHEM 3090Introduction to Polymer Chemistry The second midterm will cover all the materials from Part 1 and Part 2 of the lecture notes with focus on the latterPart 2 of the notes corresponds to Chapters 8 and 10 of Essentials of Polymer Science and Engineering by P C Painter and M M Coleman Thus in addition to the learning objectives covered on the first midterm you should be able toEstimate the potential energy barrier of rotation for various bondsExplain the principle of the Random walkflight and its application to polymer chemistry and its limitationsCalculate the rootmeansquare endtoend distance of polymer chainsExplain what the radius of gyration is and calculate itDetermine the minimal molecular weight at which a molecule starts exhibiting properties of polymeric materialsExplain what M and Mare ecDescribe the various physical states of polymers and why the boiling point of polymers cannot be measuredExplain what T and T is gm Explain why T is a firstorder transition while T is a secondorder transition mgand how this can be used graphically to determine both parametersKnow what thermal transitions amorphous semicrystalline and crystalline polymers undergo
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